​"Aperture Africa Productions has supported AMARA by raising funds through The Jungle Book Musical, May 2016. The musical was a platform which helped to create an awareness of AMARA's work and projects and assistance required from well wishers and philanthropists.

Aperture Africa also facilitated display of the AMARA bags which raise funds for various activities. Amara had a successful exposure at the musical and we had 2 donors who donated 2 new classrooms for Ngwata Primary School, Mlolongo, where 6 new classrooms have been constructed by September 2016. The funds donated by Aperture Africa are used towards buying books and desks for this school.

We are most grateful to Aperture Africa Productions for choosing AMARA as their preferred charity to work with. It has been a pleasure working with them and we commend the wonderful work they do in bringing out the artistic talents in children and adults and guiding them to use their skill to better the lives of children and communities!"

Manisha Shah-AMARA Charitable Trust

The Amara Charitable Trust was started six years ago by six enthusiastic women to Educate, Empower and Enhance the lives of children in rural Kenya. They have since embarked on numerous projects and extended selfless time and effort towards the betterment of these children. 

The proceeds from the Jungle Book Musical went towards the Ngwata Primary School in Mlolongo. The school started in 2O14 with 198 students; it currently has 570 students. Many of the students come from Kyangombe slum and Kasina Slum. They are from single parent families and come to school with their toddler siblings. The parents work as casual laborers in the nearby industries. 

Amara intends to use the funds collected through the Jungle Book to purchase books and desks for which there is an urgent requirement. The average cost of text books per child is KES 6000 per year (books for at least 150 students - to share four students per book). The cost of a 2 seater desk is KES 8000 (285 desks needed for 570 students).

Website: www.amaratrust.org

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