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Ewaso Lion's story

"We were extremely fortunate to have met the Aperture Africa team in 2015.  They graciously chose Ewaso Lions as their charity of choice in their play “Out of Order” in September 2015 and again in August 2016 for their production “Jungle Book”.   Through the plays, we were able to raise substantial funds to go towards our conservation efforts in Samburu.  The funds have helped us engage further with the communities we work with to enhance coexistence between people and lions.  The Aperture Africa team has been incredibly easy to work with and we are so grateful for their passionate support towards our project and conservation in general. Thank you Aperture Africa – for everything you have done towards supporting lion conservation in Kenya  -you have truly made a difference."

Shivani Bhalla - founder, Ewaso Lions

About Out Of Order



Ewaso Lions is a lion conversation charity based in Northern Kenya and spearheaded by Shivani Bhalla.

Shivani Bhalla is a multi award winning conservationist who has over the past decade worked tirelessly to bring Ewaso Lions onto a global scale. Her key focus is to promote human-lion coexistence and ensure a future for lions and other large carnivores in northern Kenya. Founded in 2007, Ewaso Lions uses scientific research and community-based conservation programs to promote coexistence between lions and people.