Aperture Africa


dinner theatre

A new emerging concept in Kenya, it is as simple as it sounds: Dinner-with a performance. Be it a small intimate dinner set-up, a product launch or a large wedding party, we’ll leave you craving for more. 


We love the stage. With years of experience putting together performances that our audience loves us for, we strive to create platforms for local artistic talent and keep you entertained!

Any performance is accentuated with good lighting and sound. We have a great amount of equipment and the correct professional technical knowledge to put together the perfect event for you.

There are few people who wake up everyday and do what they really love. What makes them tick. Fortunately, we fall part of that group - and are proud to be able to create art, every minute of the day. Every project is a journey that builds us and makes us better. If we don't burn, we don't learn! Here is some of the stuff we get up to:

acting workshops

A wedding party, a corporate event or a 1st Birthday party, we are all in search for that one EMCEE you can start off the event, create a rapport with the audience and get the party started. Search no more…

Our Art

A good auditorium requires professional advice and design. Contact us when you wish to put together an auditorium or host your next play, we can definitely add value.

Be it for TV, film, theater or radio... whether you have the talent or looking for talent, let our experienced team handle it for you.

emcee services




The perfect unique form of entertainment for weddings, parties, events - from murder mysteries to educational dramatization to sheer fun - the tricks keep accumulating up our sleeves!

Conducted by a Cambridge certified moderator and BA in Film & Media, these workshops are aimed at stimulating important life skills through fun & interactive sessions.